About Valdronius

      It was a deep dark night, the night of May 2nd, 2005. I had finished my paperwork for the evening, and was settling in for another boring shift, perusing the immense archives of amiannoying.com as I sat next to a phone in the off chance that it might ring. I surfed mindlessly for several minutes, reading through any profiles I thought might be remotely interesting. As the bright-white background continued to burn my retinas, I came upon a profile that was of particular interest, that of one Alasdair Gillis, formerly of You Can't Do That On Television. After reading his profile, I looked to see if there were any other former cast members (aside from Alanis) on the site. There weren't, so I decided to go on my own "Where are they now?" adventure. I found information of a variety of cast members, but I wanted to know more about Christine "Moose" McGlade. When I googled her name, I found, among other things, a page with a rather humorous reminiscence of the show. The writing was great, the humor was excellent. When I reached the bottom of the page, there was a link enticing me to go to the main page of site. I did, and was greeted by at least a dozen other articles for my viewing pleasure. I immediately jumped on the Mega Man and the (recently finished) Mortal Kombat article. Like a kid on cocaine, I was hooked. That very night I planned out the framework of my own pop culture article.

      I visited the site virtually every day after that, hoping that Syd was some sort of superhuman article writing machine that could produce them at fantastic rates. He was not, but the occasional chatter in the comments of news items were entertaining, as was the still-very-green Fun With Search Engines. On August 22, 2005, the site forums were officially opened. Excess posts in the news section were cumbersome, and this was the perfect solution. In the beginning, there were only six topics, not the ten you see today. I continued to visit daily, to view the sparce posts that were made by the forum's dozen or so members. About a month after the forums opened, I began my own website, to showcase my creative ventures. It achieved a reasonable amount of popularity, though it was more than likely mostly run off from this site. The next year I returned to school, and decided not to renew my hosting contract. My work on the web was far from over however. In March 2006, rampant spamming, and Syd's inability to stay awake permanently necessitated the creation of the Moderators, a team of ordinary kids turned superheros with the powers of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. Unfortunately, the Heart kid died of an arrhythmia, so then there were four. Finally, on February 22, 2007, I realized my lifelong (two year) dream of writing for this site when my review of Pocky & Rocky went live.

      So, who am I? Well, I was born 364 days after Syd, and grew up in a town of 3,000 on the west coast of Newfoundland. I have a degree in Mathematics and a love of pop culture. After an intense period of training, I have become another brick in the wall. Or a teacher. One of the two.

- Valdronius