The Moderators

      Together with the site's writers, Spanky McCracken, Tebor, Douche, Rycona, and Hawk make up the elite team known as The Moderators, a group of violent commandos who rain fierce justice down upon the forums in times of immense peril and strife, and when board members start calling each other faggots and shit. Below, you will find some brief background information on these honorable men and woman who preside over your forums.

Tebor - Tebor was the site's first big fan, a reputation that he established with frequent posts on the site's news blog before the forums launched. Tebor was the fourth person to join the forums, and along with Jeebus, Valdronius, and Syd, he was also one of the original four forum moderators. Tebor's current presence on the forums has been increasingly sporadic, but he retains his moderator powers for continuity's sake. Tebor's avatar has alternated between Nuclear Man and Skeletor for the majority of his forum run.

S. McCracken - Spanky's moderator credentials are impeccable. He has been friends with Syd since the third grade and he was the second person to join the forums, and the first person to join aside from Syd himself. Spanky joined the moderator team in March 2007. He was the fifth person to receive moderator powers, and the first new moderator added after the original four. As of late, Spanky's presence has been rather infrequent, but he retains his moderator status and can still bust heads and break balls when necessary. He has used Mortal Kombat's Kano as his avatar for his entire forum career.

Douche McCallister - In June 2008, popular board member Douche McCallister was inducted into the elite moderator ranks for his outstanding work on the first ever NES Championship. The title was originally bestowed upon him largely as an honorarium, but Douche quickly proved his worth as an actual moderator. Douche was the sixth person to join the moderator team. His avatar is Jeff Spicoli. On the few occasions where he has changed his avatar, he has been met with intense backlash.

Rycona - Due to the decreased presence of Spanky and Tebor, longtime forum member Rycona was appointed as the seventh moderator in May 2009. Rycona was chosen due for his seniority as well as his constant presence in the IRC channel. Unfortunately, shortly after this decision was made, Rycona's living situation changed and he was without continuous internet access for several months. Rycona's internet access remains inconsistent, but he visits the forums whenever he is able, and he remains an esteemed member of the moderator team. Rycona's avatar is an altered picture of himself.

SoldierHawk - SoldierHawk is both newest forum member on the moderation team as well as the newest moderator; she joined the forums in January 2009 and ascended to a moderator position by November 2009. Hawk had became one of the forums' most respected members, due to her frequent and articulate posts, and also because she's a girl. So when it came to time to appoint an eighth moderator, Hawk was the clear choice. During her time as a moderator, she has been both fair and efficient. SoldierHawk's avatar is, quite unsurprisingly, a hawk.