Final Fantasy VI: An Epic Poem

      If you were to ask me to name the greatest video game of all time, I would tell you without hesitation that such a game is called Final Fantasy VI. As such, in writing for a website that focuses on pop culture from the 1980s and early 1990s, I knew it would be inevitable that I would have to write about it. Unfortunately, it is far too lengthy a game to fully cover in a typical article, and including it in a list of some sort would be the ultimate injustice. So, with the recent release of Beowulf in theatres, I have decided to write my own Epic poem.

      When I actually started this project, I had no idea it would take me over a year to complete. However, I regret nothing. This has been a labour of love, and I am very satisfied at how it has finished. Each stanza, each iamb has been painstakingly crafted, some in seconds, others over much longer periods. Decided what to include and what to leace out was troubling at times, and I'm certain some people will object to certain omissions, but these objections will be moot. This is my David.

      I tried to accomplish two things with this retelling of the game. First, I wanted to create a narrative that was accessible to everyone, even those who had never played the game before. Second, I wanted to put in enough in-comments that even diehard fans of the game could enjoy it as well. Was I successful in these endeavours? Well, that is up to the reading public to decide. So without further ado, I present to you all...