#96: Monster Party

Released In: 1989
Developer: Shinsei
Publisher: Bandai

       One night, Mark is walking home alone from a little league baseball game when he is accosted by a flying dragon monster named Bert. Bert asks Mark to help him save his home planet from an army of evil monsters and then abducts him when he doesn't immediately reject the idea. Armed with nothing but a baseball bat and a steady supply of pills, Mark must square off a bizarre cast of wacky bosses strewn about otherwise boring levels and save the day. Features a completely ridiculous ending.

Syd Lexia: Been there, done that, already wrote an article on it.

Joseph Stalin: This game is more fun than purging the Party of dissenting opinions! Well, almost.

Paris Hilton: Personally, I was disappointed. I heard someone say something about a monster party and I invited myself along because I thought it would be hott. It turns out that the guy was a total loser and the "monster party" that he was talking about was a game called Monster Party and it wasn't hott at all. There was this plant and it was spitting bubbles at me and I couldn't beat it. This game is bullshit.

Andross: Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!

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