The magazine opens with a subscription advertisement and a pun-filled table of contents. There's nothing particularly special or funny thus far, but I noticed something unusual in the subscription ad on the inside of the front cover: MAD only does 8 issues a year. The months of February, May, August, and November were deemed to be too fucking lame to warrant an issue of the magazine, so if you were born in one of those months, you suck pretty hard. Hey wait a minute, I was born in one of those months. Fuck you, MAD!

      Oh, and if you're wondering why there's a Christmas-themed subscription ad in the January 1990 issues of MAD, it's because Christmas 1989 had to be postponed until the authorities were able to capture an interstate serial killer dressed as Santa Claus. That, or it's because magazines hit store shelves the month directly prior to the one listed on the cover. Magazines are sneaky like that.

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