The Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal Boxes

      Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal may not have had cool contests or giant fucking plastic pieces of crap attached it to like some other Ralston cereals, but it did have a gimmick. That gimmick was this: collectible boxes. Each box features at least two Cabbage Patch Kids engaged in an activity, with the cereal prominently featured in the picture. In addition to three boxes pictures above, there were at least three more. The scenes on the other known boxes are as follows:

•Two dolls, a boy and a girl, sitting on a bench swing. The girl is holding a bowl of cereal.
•A boy doll and a girl doll sitting in a cupboard. They are pouring cereal to a boy doll standing below.
•Two boys dolls, who are not at all gay, lifting weights. A bowl of cereal sits nearby.

      I will post pictures of these other boxes as soon as I am able to obtain acceptable scans of them.

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