List of Game Mechanics In All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.

      The following is a list of all the major game mechanics in All Night Nippon Super Mario. While the majority of these mechanics come directly from the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2, many of the more frustrating mechanics of that game have been removed. Also please note that while the turtle shell trick and the Small Fiery Mario glitch are listed as game mechanics from the original Super Mario Bros. game, they both work in SMB2J as well.


========= Game Mechanics Taken From SMB2J =========

There is no two player game. Instead, the player get to choose to play as either Mario or Luigi.
Luigi can jump higher than Mario, but gets worse traction.
Mario and Luigi bounce whenever they successfully jump on an enemy.
Fireworks are awarded at end of a non-Bowser level if the last number of your coin total matches the last number of the timer.
An extra life is awarded at end of a non-Bowser level if the both numbers in your coin total match the last number of the timer.
Each time you beat World 8-4, a star will be added to the title screen. You can earn a total of 24.
Once you have earned eight stars, you can access Worlds A-D by holding A on the title screen and pressing Start.
Upside-down pipes appear in some levels.
Red Piranha Plants appear in some levels.
Flying Bloopers appear in four levels.
The super bouncy green springboards appear in three levels.
Minus World cannot be accessed.

========= Game Mechanics Taken From SMB1 =========

The wind effect has been removed from any level that would have had it.
There are no warp zones that take you backwards instead of forwards.
The classic "infinite" lives turtle shell trick still works.
It is still possible to become Small Fiery Mario.
There are no Poison Mushrooms.
There is no World 9.

========= New Game Mechanics =========

Red Piranha Plants only appear in upside-down pipes.
Touching the side of a pipe does not stop ANY Piranha Plants from surfacing.

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