Alexx Miracle In Kid World

      Sega's Alex Kidd franchise started off as something very different from what it eventually became. In 1985, Sega began work on a game that was tentatively titled Alexx Miracle In Kid World. The game starred a green octopus named Alexx whose family had been kidnapped by Janeka, the evil headmistress of a private elementary school for girls. In order to save his family, Alexx fought his way through a variety of levels until he eventually made it to the school and squared off against Janeka in an epic showdown. Reaching the school was not be easy, for Janeka had sent an army of prepubescent schoolgirls to find Alexx and defeat him with their mystical ninja skills. These odds would be insurmountable for most creatures, but Alexx harbored a deadly secret: the forgotten demon gods of Wu Kai had taught him the ancient technique of tentacle rape. Using his eight enormous extremities, Alexx would deflower everyone who stood in his way... to the death!

      Although the project was enthusiastically supported by Sega's board of directors, Alexx Miracle In Kid World was never completed. A prototype of the game was tested in a few major markets and Sega quickly learned that the game was not going to be the hit they were hoping for. While the game was well received by Japanese playtesters, Westerners overwhelmingly responded with disgust to a game that was little more than a repulsive mix of rape, bestiality, and pedophilia. To cover up its gross miscalculation of the global gaming market, Sega ordered that all information relating to the game be destroyed. Then they quickly threw together Alex Kidd in Miracle World, a family-friendly platformer that they hoped would compete with Mario. And while Sega failed at dethroning Mario with Alex Kidd, they apparently succeeded in destroying all traces of Alexx Miracle; no copies of the prototype are known to still exist. We will never truly know just how incredibly vile of a game Alexx Miracle was, but we can come close. Using screenshots of the classic arcade game Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, I have painstakingly recreated what Alexx Miracle may have looked like. For the purposes of this simulation, you will have to imagine that Shuma-Gorath is Alexx:

"Saving your family from evil schoolgirls doesn't take luck... it takes A MIRACLE!"

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